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Linux Xview/OpenLook resources

Awards (first one! 8^) )
1999's Best

General Information

These pages preesent and distribute some of the Xview/OpenLook applications available on the net for Linux and other Operating systems.
The FTP site has been completely updated, it is at http://step.polymtl.ca/~coyote/XView.
NOTE: The binaries on the FTP site are mostly for:

	- libc5/x86
	- libc6/sparc (esay to recompile for libc6/x86)
	- Solaris 2.x/sparc
Feel free to contribute binaries for libc6/x86 or RPM's.

Open-Look FAQs Open-Look FAQs

Applications Applications

Editors Editors

Helper Tools Helper Tools

Multimedia Tools Multimedia Tools

Network Tools Network Tools

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