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Latest News.

  • Thu Oct 5 12:49:04 CEST 2006 STEP took the FTP site down and I moved the data to the HTTP site.
    Also, we're now on FreshMeat; please check:

  • Sun Jan 10 16:50:32 EST 1999 Update to the FTP and WWW site. I have made available binaries and sources for libc6/sparc and libc5/x86 for Xvfilemgr, SlingShot, libguide/libguidexv and a few other things. I hope to update the screenshots soon.

  • Thu Dec 17 20:32:24 EST 1998 More News! SlingShot 2.1 is ported to libc6/RH5.1 (not much of a port actually, almost nothing to change). I have static and dynamic libs on RH5.1 sparc and -of course- xvfilemgr is working quite like on libc5/i386. This looks good for the libc6/i386, libc6/alpha world.

  • Thu Dec 17 08:59:58 EST 1998 Some news. been quite a long time but I feel better about XVFilemgr's future now. I've ported libguide and libguidexv to libc6 on my RH5.1 sparc. Next I will port SlingShot so I can port xvfilemgr. For those who don't know libguide and libguidexv are used by some applications that were built and designed using Sun's DevGuide. It means more Xview applications will see libc6. I'll be releasing source soon. So far my "Workstation Information" application, which uses libproc and the guide libs works fine on my Sparc5 (The Ultra1 still runs Solaris).

  • Sun Oct 18 23:58:16 EDT 1998 I'm releasing version 0.2e now. It's STILL FULL OF BUGS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (it's a filemanger, dammit! :) ).
    That said, configure* stuff is finished (check the length of configure.in) and I can go back to fixing bugs. :) News in this release:
    - FreeBSD modes by Mark Ovens (should work on other BSD's but now they're just __FreeBSD__, anyone got a better idea that would work for all BSD's?) - Configure stuff to make your life easier. - Some bug fixes (more coming).

  • Sat Oct 17 20:50:06 EDT 1998 We'll have a new release really soon now. What's new: some fixes, works on FreeBSD (Thanks for Mark Ovens) and uses ./configure!!! As I said, configure is really nice but it's a whole world in itself and I can't wait until my fancy *configure* stuff works so I can get back to Xview/Slingshot/C programming and fix things inside the program and not inside the *config* stuff.

  • Wed Jun 3 07:23:57 EDT 1998 Back in Montreal. Still no new xvfilemgr release. Started side work on a small applet named "Workstation Information" which is built using DevGuide and looks much like the Solaris applet.

  • Tue Apr 14 19:51:55 EDT 1998 Another one not Xvfilemgr-related... Today I got really fed up and came up with a patch for Ftptool that fixes two annoying problems. If you're still using Ftptool, get the small Linux bug-fix at: http://step.polymtl.ca/~coyote/XView/ftptool/Ftptool4.6pl1.tar.gz

  • Tue Apr 14 10:09:26 EDT 1998 This isn't really Xvfilemgr-related but Guidbf (the FoxPro DBF explorer) is getting close to a new bug-fix release too. The first release was plagued with a destructive bug that I discovered after some time. I guess -everyone- (and not just coding teams) should test his/her code for regression <*sigh*>.

  • Tue Apr 14 10:07:11 EDT 1998 Real life and real courses took over. We'll have a new release real soon now. This should make it easier to build xvfilemgr. Autoconf was fun but automake really isn't if you want to do something fancy with it.

  • Wed Dec 31 02:02:17 EST 1997 A tought for Theo, cutest little cat in the world, born May 5th 1997 ,died Dec 30th, 1997 around 5pm after being sick for two weeks.

  • Mon Dec 29 22:55:10 EST 1997 Xvfilemgr pages updated and icons were re-made with gimp. Much better, I hope. autoconf looks great but it's difficult to tailor -safely- for your taste. My configure.in file is already over 800 lines (Eek!). No version with autoconf has been release yet, it's only in my developpment tree.

  • Sun Dec 28 10:49:18 EST 1997
    I am now looking at a portable library that will allow use of efficient color allocation for icons. XpmCreatePixmapFromData is fine but is too dangerous to deal with and it forces me to duplicate code and icons for cases when color allocation works and when it doesn't work (colormap full). Enlightenment's Imlib sounds great but that would mean I should convert all icons to PPM format, which I don't really want. Anybody has a suggestion for a good library that can give a Pixmap with closest-match colors from just a Pixmap file?

  • Sun Dec 28 10:49:18 EST 1997
    I have moved xvfilemgr to use autoconf instead of Imake. Imake is fine but it doesn't give the user the flexibility of configuring defaults in a user-friendly manner. The Imakefile will still be supported but you should use ./configure with xvfilemgr from now on. Any better idea?

  • Sun Dec 28 10:49:18 EST 1997
    The FTP site has been completely updated, it is at http://step.polymtl.ca/~coyote/XView/xvfilemgr or click here for the entire XView archive http://step.polymtl.ca/~coyote/XView

  • Thu Dec 4 23:01:43 EST 1997
    We now have an FTP site. This will be the distribution site for all my collection of XView/OpenLook applications but for now there is only XVfilemgr.

  • Sat Nov 29 22:40:57 EST 1997
    Updated the screenshots with those from the latest release (0.2d-APLHA).
    I'll try to keep XVfilemgr News posted on this page on a regular basis.

  • Sat Nov 29 22:40:57 EST 1997
    I'll have to find a new way to handle version numbers. 0.X[a-z] sounds cool but then every version looks like a stable version when it's still ALPHA.

    I may opt for a Wine-like sub-version numbering where 0.X[a-z] in$ the targetted version and DDMMYY give the release date for your ALPHA of the day.
    That would probably give something like:

  • It's unlikely that much work will be accomplished before the end of Dec. 97. Finals, you know...

  • Sat Nov 29 22:40:57 EST 1997
    Anybody need a graphical (Xview) DBF (FoxPro) explorer that gives you a friendly interface for querying your DBF file? I just wrote one for one of my courses where the professor underestimated the size of the project he gave to us. I'll probably release it under the GPL and write a LSM entry for it.

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