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Dragons Picture Gallery

These are scanned pictures of some Dragons I made. They are not really great since I am just your average miniatures painter but I had a scanner and pictures of my miniatures.. Therefore decided to give this a try.. :)

The miniatures are dragons made by Ral Partha with a few add-ons (the stand for the Dragon from "the Bridge of Sorrows" and flags for "Huma's Silver Dragon" and for the "Armored Dragon". Huma's Silver dragon is not silver but it was my first attempt at miniatures and I had decided on trying a different painting scheme.

Click on the pictures to get the larger versions.

Vincent Cojot, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. coyote@step.polymtl.ca, or coyote@step.polymtl.ca.

T'CHAR, Dragon of Flame and Fury.

Riding the cold wind to Valhalla.

The armoured Dragon.

The bridge of Sorrows.

Huma's Silver Dragon.

Durin's Doom.

The Black Dragon of Fire and Darkness.

Miscellanous characters and The Hydra.

For the latetest pictures not yet added to the Gallery see the www.cabm.rutgers.edu ftp site
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