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The Vilains of Krynn

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Captured by the black dragon Khisanth, Oils, by Clyde Caldwell

"Don't even twitch, Mage", the dragon sneered. "We speak the same language ,remember? One word of a spell and your friends' carcasses will be used to feed the gully dwarves!"
Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Despair, Oils, by Clyde Caldwell

Goldmoon, Flint, Caramon, and Tanis battle the evil black dragon Onyx in the ancient city of Xak Tsaroth
Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Hope, Oils, by Keith Parkinson

The young copper dragon Blaize fights Verminaard and his mount Ember
Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Flame, Oils, by Jeff Easley

Tasselhoff spies on the Highmaster Verminaard and his minion Toede in Pax Tharkas
Dragons of Autumn Twilight

The Last Spell of Fistandantilus, Oils, by Keith Parkinson

"Life for One. Death for the Other," Raistlin said.
War of the Twins

Mages' Battle, Oils, by Jeff Easley

The apparition glared at each, its coils twisting, its very appearance shifting and shimmering in the gusty winds of its creation. Both mages held it in check, watching the other intently, waiting for the eye blink , the lip twitch, the spasmodic jerk of a finger that would prove fatal.
War of the Twins

Lord Soth's Charge, Oils, by Keith Parkinson

That morning, death rode into the streets of Palanthas. Led by Lord Soth, the ghastly army swept through the gates like a chill wind, withering everything that stood in its path.
Test of the Twins

The Hands of Doom, Oils, by Clyde Caldwell

Kitiara kept hold of the jewel, clutching it in her hand even as she fought and twisted, trying to escape the deathly grasp that was slowly drawing her down to share its grave. "Help me!" she cried, her terror-stricken gaze seeking Soth.
Time of the Twins

The Dark Queen, Oils, by Clyde Caldwell

Palin saw Raistlin's head turn away involuntarily, the golden eyes closed as though unable to face the sight of the creature that leered above him. Yet the archmage fought on, trying to wrench himself free of the manacles , his arms and wrists torn and bleeding from the futile effort.
"The Legacy," The Magic of Krynn

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